Every Day in Limbo – why?

I had a doubt whether I should write this, or rather share this or not. Then I thought “what the hell let’s do it”. Tomorrow my first Patreon creation is going public. Patrons got it two days ago but from tomorrow on everyone can listen to it. I thought I’d share a little about the […]

Download (S)hhh’s 2008 album for free on Patreon

A few days ago I announced the opening of my Patreon page. Today and to celebrate that I decided to make the entire (S)hhh album “Silence in Wonderland (det allra viktigaste)” (2008) available not only in streaming but also in high quality download (mp3 192kbps, mp3 320kbps and flac), for free for all. Also, become a patron […]

Current Reading List

Dec 2017
Someone mentioned they would be interested in finding out what I’m reading at the moment. So I thought I’d share this here but I wanna know what you guys are reading too so please comment 🙂 I tend to start many books at the same time with the result that it takes me ages to […]